Help Us Defend Bloggers Who Criticize HIV/AIDS Denialism

Public Citizen is representing a blogger in Texas who has been sued for defamation and trademark infringement by an HIV denialist.

The plaintiff and his lawyer have said privately that even if we seek to dismiss the lawsuit, they will change their allegations because they hope to use the case for gathering information in support of their conspiracy theories about HIV scientists. The case could become quite expensive.

This case is part of our broader work protecting online speech and online privacy from attacks by powerful individuals and corporations. Our legal team has defended message board operators sued over the speech of individual posters, defended anonymous online speakers from frivolous lawsuits intended to scare them into silence, and defended the use of trademarks in domain names of websites devoted to discussion of brand-name products and services.

Any funds donated on this page in excess of the costs of litigating this case will be split equally between Public Citizen Inc. and the ACLU of Texas Foundation.

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