Instead of Wal-Mart answering its critics, the retail giant is threatening to sue them into silence.

In a major victory for Public Citizen and free speech, a federal judge on March 21 upheld a Georgia man's First Amendment right to criticize Wal-Mart's business practices. However, Wal-Mart likely will appeal this ruling, and we need your help to prevent the retail giant from running roughshod over its critics. A big company like Wal-Mart has deep pockets at its disposal to silence its critics. It can afford to deliberately run up its opponents' costs in the hope that they cannot afford to continue. However, you can help keep free speech alive by supporting Public Citizen in its fight against Wal-Mart with a tax-deductible contribution. In the event Public Citizen should raise more than the expenses in this case, the extra will go to support its other fights to protect health, safety and democracy. When you donate,  we'll keep you informed about how the case is progressing. Thank you so much in advance for your support.

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Contributions to Public Citizen Foundation, which supports Public Citizen's education, litigation, research, and public information activities, are tax-deductible in excess of your $20 membership to Public Citizen Inc. If you would like to support Public Citizen's direct advocacy and lobbying, click here to make a non-tax-deductible gift to Public Citizen, Inc. Public Citizen is a national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1971 to represent consumer interests in Congress, the executive branch and the courts. Learn more and find out more about the Wal-Mart case as it becomes available.

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