Whose Trade Organization?

This book is an accessible tour of the WTO's expansive non-trade provisions and their effects on the environment, our health and food safety, jobs and wages, development in poor countries and more.

Many people are surprised when they learn that trade is only a small element of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

But the World Trade Organization - and the army of rules that it presides over - actually covers a huge array of subjects never included in trade agreements before. The new agreements that were born with the WTO in 1999 included one-size-fits-all rules interfering with food safety standards, environmental laws, social service policies, intellectual property standards, government procurement rules, and more.

Whose Trade Organization? is the definitive guide to the reign of the undemocratic "trade" regime that has sparked protests from Seattle to Quebec to Genoa. With case-by-case studies, the book exposes the lopsided agreements and secret tribunals that are the tools of the WTO's trade, and reveals the aggressive corporate agenda at its core.

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